Visitors order their own cup noodles at the Instant Ramen Museum.

These Museums Seem Too Strange To Be Real, But They Are

The word “museum” may conjure an image of white walls, a quiet atmosphere, and old paintings. But not all museums are like this. The world is full of strange but fascinating museums that are guaranteed to provide a memorable experience. Some museums provide exhibits about dog collars, salt and pepper shakers, and even instant ramen. …

A headstone reads "I was hoping for a pyramid"

It’s Hard Not To Laugh At These Ridiculous Headstones

The words on a headstone are the last a deceased person is remembered by. With such a tall order, you would think people would take the job of deciding what should be written on them seriously. But for some, having one last joke is the best way to go. You wouldn’t think that something as …

Undetonated Bomb At The Bottom Of Lake Washington

Wildest And Most Insane Things Found At The Bottom Of Lakes

Search the bottom of any massive body of water, and you’re destined to find all sorts of junk. More often than not, the intrinsic value of the item is zilch. Then every so often an artifact found at the bottom of a lake sparks an intriguing mystery, untold story, or a nightmarish tale. Whether found …

Mixed berries and fat

The Most Questionable Foods From Each U.S. State

There is a wide variety of food to be found in different regions of the United States. This because each state has a different history and influences, the resources available to them, and what people grow up eating. While many U.S. citizens are jealous of other regions’ food, that’s certainly not always the case. There’s …

A picture taken at the Archaeological Museum in Athens shows the Antikythera Mechanism.

That Shouldn’t Be There! All The Strangest Things Found Underwater

Water covers 71% of the Earth, and we know less about the ocean floor than we do about the moon’s surface. It’s no surprise that people find strange things underwater every year. But for every abandoned shoe or shipwreck, there’s something that catches people entirely off-guard. If you’ve already heard about skeletons found in water, …

Kangtega Mountain is blacked out on Google Maps.

Google Maps Blurred Out These Mysterious Locations

Since Google Maps launched in 2005, people have explored parts of the world that they could never see before. But some areas and objects are not available to view because Google has blocked them out. Anyone can request that their property can be blurred from Google Maps, but some spots are pixelated for seemingly no …

A man and woman observe a dragonfly as it sits on the man's finger.

Fun Facts About Dragonflies And What They Symbolize To People Around The World

While many people find insects to be cringe-worthy, the dragonfly is one of the few that humans tend to enjoy gazing upon. The insects have a certain grace similar to butterflies, but also have impressive features that make them a threat in the bug world. Many cultures have developed beliefs about the dragonfly. Some are …


Waiter Dashes After Customer Once He Reads The Note Left On Bill

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a situation that you ordinarily would feel fine doing? That happens to many people daily, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. One evening in Sacramento, California, a waiter waited on a customer who would end up doing something completely unexpected. It was a busy night, …

Kati's adoptive parents look serious.

This Couple Hid A Secret Note From Their Adopted Daughter For Decades

While adoption isn’t for everyone, some couples feel that their life wouldn’t be complete without that special addition. This was the case for Ken and Ruth Pohler, a couple who welcomed a Chinese daughter into their home in the mid ’90s. However, with their daughter came a note that they would keep a secret for …