Trevor and Kourtney sit in headsets in the cabin of their military truck.

This Couple Turned A Military Truck Into A Dream Tiny House

Some married couples dream of one day owning a big house with a yard. For Kourtney and Trevor, living their ultimate life meant traveling wherever they pleased without having to leave home. That’s why they chose to impulsively purchase an old military truck and make it into a tiny home. Kourtney admits on their Instagram …


Millionaire Father Of Three Receives A Diagnosis That Raises Questions

Receiving a worrisome health diagnosis is difficult on its own. Once Richard Mason learned that he was suffering from cystic fibrosis, his entire world came crashing down in one day. At 55-years-old, Richard had three sons with his ex-wife of over 20 years. Once he learned of his medical condition, Richard had a gut feeling …

Do A Puzzle For Some Brain Stimulation

Activities To Do In Quarantine That Are More Productive Than Netflix

Around the world, most people have taken the time to follow the government’s order to stay at home in quarantine. Unfortunately, for residents, that means total self-isolation from the friends and family that they don’t live with. But that doesn’t mean we have to be bored and unproductive with our days. Thankfully, there are activities …

Oil Only Lasts A Few Months

Strike These Items Off Your Costco Shopping List

The superstore known as Costco is great for buying items in bulk, especially for those with big families or in the middle of massive holiday party preparation. The store can really be a lifesaver on both your mental state and wallet. While some might find the retail giant to be a saving grace, others might …


This Woman Made A Beautiful Last Request While In Hospice

Rhonda White was completely blindsided by a diagnosis that gave her little time to live. At the age of 50, she was bound to a hospital bed with no chance of recovery. With the love and support of her family, Rhonda decided there was one last thing she needed to do on this Earth. Her …