Voila! Dramatic Plants That Completely Transform With Watering

Plants are a gorgeous addition to any home, bringing a room to life with color and nature. While plants are generally less maintenance than pets, they can still be surprisingly difficult to care for. People who aren’t gardening experts can be caught off-guard by how challenging it is to keep things green, lush, and thriving. …


Inside The Survival Condo: Protecting The Mega-Rich From The Apocaly

When developer Larry Hall learned of a former Atlas Missile silo sitting in the middle of rural Kansas, he had a brilliant idea. Built during the Cold War, the silo was originally a nuclear missile launch facility that was mostly forgotten about after the war ended. But even without the threat of a missile attack, …


Take A Peek Inside Buckingham Palace Before It Undergoes Renovation

The Buckingham Palace first became the English monarch’s primary residence back in 1837, when Queen Victoria renovated the massive estate. The palace is once again undergoing re-servicing to its East Wing, leaving some to wonder what could possibly be improved in this glorious property. With 775 rooms spread across its nearly 830,000 square feet, the …