This Woman Made A Beautiful Last Request While In Hospice

Rhonda White was completely blindsided by a diagnosis that gave her little time to live. At the age of 50, she was bound to a hospital bed with no chance of recovery. With the love and support of her family, Rhonda decided there was one last thing she needed to do on this Earth. Her heartwarming request lead to a beautiful event that not even her family members could have predicted. Read on to discover how this woman made the most of her time in hospice.

A Rapid Turn Of Events

Rhonda White was only 50 years old when she was delivered news that would change her life forever. Up to that point, she had been healthy, happy, and living her best life.

That all changed when she woke up in the middle of the night with a horrid headache. The pain was so unbearable that she had to be rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the life-altering moment didn’t end there. Her uphill battle had only just begun.

The Fateful Diagnosis

Anh Nguyễn Duy/Pixabay

Doctors put their heads together to understand what was going on with Rhonda. It was apparent that this was much more than your average headache or migraine. The root cause what something far more lethal.

After looking at her x-rays and running the necessary tests, it became clear that Rhonda had a tumor on her brain. Additionally, she suffered from lesions on her lung and liver. In other words, Rhonda would not be returning home.

An Unknown Future

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda didn’t know how much more time she had with such a serious diagnosis. Before long, doctors were telling her it would only be a matter of weeks before her ailment overtook her health.

In a matter of months, Rhonda found herself in hospice. The diagnosis was completely blindsiding. All she needed now was to be surrounded by loved ones and to make the most of the time she had left. No one could have predicted what Rhonda ended up deciding to do.

The Support Of Her Family

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda wasn’t the only one who was shocked to discover her horrible diagnosis. Her daughter, Jordan, recalled that the fateful moment was “one of the craziest days of my life.”

Despite having to swallow the hard truth that her mother was in hospice, Jordan kept a smile on her face to keep Rhonda hopeful. The two were attached at the hip, spending as much time together as possible. Other family members also offered Rhonda as much love and support as they could muster.

Staying Lighthearted

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda kept an incredible attitude through her unfortunate circumstances. Rather than using her diagnosis as an excuse to give up on life, she used it as a reason to make the most of the time she had left.

In addition to her daughter keeping her company, Rhonda’s boyfriend, Brian, also stuck by her side. The pair had been together for three years, and Brian made it clear that Rhonda’s sickness would only serve to strengthen their bond.

Slipping Out Of Consciousness

Javier Matheu/Unsplash

While in hospice, Rhonda tended to slip in and out of consciousness. Still, Brian remained by her side, patiently waiting for her to come back. Likewise, Jordan stayed with her mom, acting as a spot of light in this dark situation.

With all the love and support Rhonda received, she was able to maintain her positive outlook. She was in such a peaceful state of mind that she made a decision you wouldn’t expect from someone at the end of their life.

A Moment Of Clarity

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People often say that the end of life gives a more in-depth perspective on everything. Seeing Brian at her side during the hardest moment of her life made Rhonda realize that this was the person she wanted to marry.

Family members surrounded Rhonda one day when she woke up abruptly, as though she had achieved some clarity while asleep. As soon as her eyes shot open, she looked over at Brian and uttered a question that came straight from the heart.

Proposing To Her Boyfriend

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Rhonda looked over to Brian and said, “Baby, will you marry me?” The room erupted with excitement as Brian gleefully agreed. Jordan said that no one was expected her mother to ask such a monumental question.

At the same time, they were all overjoyed at Rhonda’s decision. Everyone immediately became committed to throwing her and Brian the best wedding possible. Being that Rhonda had to be carefully monitored, the event would have to take place at the hospital.

There Was No Time To Lose

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Everyone was ecstatic that they could give Rhonda her last wish, especially Brian. Since they knew that her days were limited, time was of the essence. If they were going to throw a proper wedding, they would have to plan it fast.

Since Rhonda was confined to the hospital, they would have to transform a space there into a wedding altar. The loving staff was happy to help in any way they could, and ultimately pulled through for their dear patient.

Scrambling To Prepare For The Wedding


Since the wedding would have to take place at a hospital, rather than a venue, they were limited on the supplies necessary to throw the event. Jordan said the nurses did everything for her mom’s wedding, from buying a cake to finding musicians for the ceremony.

Though the event wouldn’t be as thoroughly planned out as traditional weddings, it would look and feel authentic nonetheless. With the help of loved ones, anything is possible.

Something To Look Forward To

Artistic Films/Pixabay

One reason that the nurses may have been so eager to help throw the wedding is that it gave them something positive to look forward to. Healthcare workers are used to dealing with the most tragic times in people’s lives.

For once, these hospice workers would get to participate in one of the best moments of someone’s life. It was a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel for the family members and workers alike

Incorporating Rhonda’s Favorite Color

Rhonda White/Facebook

As wonderful as it would be to celebrate the wedding, the nurses wanted to go above and beyond to make it truly unique to Rhonda. Since her favorite color is purple, they did their best to incorporate the hue into as many things as possible.

One of the most standout parts of the wedding was Rhonda’s long, purple wig. Since the sick woman had lost all of her hair, it was a special treat to sport purple locks on her wedding day.

Walking Down The Aisle With Her Daughter

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda’s daughters, Brieannah and Jordan, had to face the hard reality that their mother wouldn’t see them walk down the aisle. This was especially difficult for Brieannah since she was already engaged to her boyfriend of eight years.

To make up for the wedding Rhonda would have to miss, Brieannah decided to dress in a blue dress with a veil. Holding a flower bouquet, she accompanied her mom down the aisle as a fellow bride.

A Supportive Family Dressed In Purple

Rhonda White/Facebook

A violinist and a harpist accompanied Rhonda and Brieannah as they made their way down the aisle. Since Rhonda was too weak to walk, she remained in a wheelchair throughout the event. The musicians and family members alike all wore purple in Rhonda’s honor.

Rhonda’s dearest loved ones gathered in the hospice family lounge where the ceremony was to take place. One family member was sure to record the entire event, which would be one of the last and most significant moments of Rhonda’s life.

The Moment Of Truth

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda arrived at the ceremony dressed in a black and purple floral gown. Brian sat on a chair so he could be eye-level with his bride. The pair held hands and locked eyes from the moment their wedding began.

Brieannah and her fiance stood across from Rhonda and Brian as a woman officiated the wedding. Standing behind the newlyweds were Jordan and a few other family members. Everyone became overcome with emotion at the beauty of the ceremony.

Exchanging Tearful Vows

Rhonda White/Facebook

At last, the moment had come for Rhonda and Brian to exchange vows. Brian leaned in close as he expressed his love and commitment to his bride. The vow “in sickness and in health” hit home for the couple as they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jordan later commented on how eager her mom was to say “I do.” She lightheartedly said that Rhonda “shoved the ring on her finger.”

Kissing The Bride

Rhonda White/Facebook

The matching purple lovebirds sealed their marriage with a kiss. As beautiful as it is to see a couple get married in a traditional setting, there is something uniquely moving about Rhonda donning her hospital band and IVs as she kisses her husband.

The couple stands as a message that love endures, and that it’s never too late to make your dream a reality. Everyone applauded as Rhonda and Brian officially became husband and wife.

An Emotional Event

Rhonda White/Facebook

Rhonda’s loved ones, particularly her mother, were overcome with emotion at the event. Weddings can be touching enough to bring tears to the eyes of onlookers. In this case, it was her marriage combined with her terminal illness that flooded Rhonda’s loved ones with emotion.

The culmination of both joy and sadness filled the room as Rhonda’s family realized this may be the last event they get to spend with her. At the same time, it made the moment that much more special.

Overjoyed In Hospice

Rhonda White/Facebook

While there were some mixed emotions during the wedding, the overwhelming feeling was that of joy. It is evident in this photograph that the huge smiles on everyone’s faces were genuine.

Brian looks like a giddy schoolboy while Rhonda looks at him with loving eyes. The two tightly held hands as everyone cheered their marriage. It was just the thing to transform the gloomy tone to a merry one, even while in a hospice setting.

Her Last Hurrah

Rhonda White/Facebook

The meaningful wedding was one of the last memories Rhonda could create. Two days later, the joyful bride passed. Though her story had to come to an end, Rhonda’s daughters don’t want others to feel sorry for them.

Rather, they hope that their mother can serve as an example of the kind of cheerful life people can have, right up to the end. Brieannah said that she’s never seen her mother happier than she was the day she got married.

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